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Tom Morton

A man of many talents and aspirations, his five years in the United States Marine Corps has helped him run a business in more ways than we can list. Two successful deployments to Afghanistan at a time when our country most needed help has taught Tom how to adapt and conquer any situation that he is presented with. After leaving the Marine Corps in 2014, Tom transitioned into personal training while keeping busy with armed security, fugitive recovery, emergency medicine, and infrastructure construction. The wide variety of skills that Tom gained through years of experience in both the military and the workforce compile to make Best Option Restoration of Savannah a truly caring, thorough, and responsive restoration company. Given the opportunity, Tom and the team at Best Option Restoration show up promptly, handle damage professionally, and carry a work ethic that our United States Military would be proud of.

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Symone Morton

Spending her early years participating and excelling in athletics, Symone carries the type of dedication and drive that is only earned through years of hard work. A former softball star that turned to medical insurance, Symone’s tendency to promote quickly in any environment led her to wanting more of an opportunity to help those around her. Symone is a hardworking woman that takes pride in attention to detail, thoroughness, customer service, and business to consumer relationships. When called, Symone displays why she is the type of role model that makes America proud, and why the community of Savannah, Georgia knows her as the professional, polite, and accurate business owner that she is.

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