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Laboratory Supported Mold Testing


The presence of mold in your home is a scary thought – spores spread quickly, easily, and the damage on your health can range from bothersome to fatal. Mold is a danger that extends beyond simply being responsible, as you can not check on it if you do not have the right equipment. Due to molds ability to thrive in hidden, damp, and often out of sight areas, detection with the naked eye is a game of luck.

Best Option Restoration of Savannah, Georgia brings in the equipment needed to thoroughly test the air for the presence of mold and moisture. To take things a step further, we send a sample of any retrieved mold to our certified lab technicians for further testing. Do what is needed to keep your investment, family, and business safe by scheduling a mold test with Best Option Restoration of Savannah.

How Do We Test For Mold?

Testing For Mold Is A Three Step Process That Involves Equipment, Certified Lab Techs, and More.

Test The Air

We test the air for the presence of mold spores or moisture.

To The Lab

We send recovered material to our certified lab techs.

48 Hours

Results from the test are back in 48 hours. We get in contact with you right away.

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